Brett McCluskey

Towards the Modern and Unique

Brett McCluskey is a composer and musician from San Bernardino, California. A graduate of CSUSB, Brett’s most recent work has been performed all over the Southeastern United States in a series of original plays for Community Performance, International. His original compositions have electrified audiences in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. His haunting and powerful piece, "Is It Easier" was performed in the original play, I Am Home, as part of the 2011 National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

 The pieces offered on this site are ideas for the creation of modern and unique music.

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Why Practice?

29.03.2012 Статья

Why Practice? To Get Good! Why practice? To get better, of course! It's never too late to take a good look at your practice routine and habits to see how you can improve in these areas. Here are some suggestions for getting in a good practice session. Find a comfortable, well-lit, quiet place to practice. No TV ! Use a mirror to visually check your technique. Use a tape recorder to aurally check your playing. "Chunking" Find a compact, coherent musical idea - say, four measures long. ...

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